Eucalyptus Australiana Organic Essential Oil


Botanical Name: Eucalyptus radiata ssp. radiata
Geographic Origin: Australia
Method of Farming: 100% Pure – Certified Organic***
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Part of Plant: Leaves & terminal branchlets

* * * Organically grown, recognized and approved ACO (Australian Certified Organic). This product is ACO certified.



“Eucalyptus Oil is suited to people who feel emotionally ‘hemmed-in’ or constricted by their surroundings – whether at home, at work, or in society. They sense the possibility of achieving greater freedom and a wider live experience but dare not seek to create this due to excessive caution, habit, fear or responsibility. Eucalyptus Oil helps to disperse negative feelings associated with such situations and gives us room to breathe.” (Mojay G, Aromatherapy for healing the spirit. Hodder & Staughton, UK, 1996)

Eucalyptus radiata varies from a small tree with a bushy crown to a large tree of good form. In Australia, it is grown in the wild. Eucalyptus Essential Oil is steam distilled from the fresh or partly dried leaves of the Eucalyptic species. The oil is a colorless pale-yellow, with a fresh, very powerful, peppery, camphoraceous odor. Eucalyptus Australiana is one of the most gentle and sweetest smelling cineole types of Eucalypt. This is the most popular Eucalyptus oil for Aromatherapy applications.

The Aromatherapy Place offers a variety of AUROMA Eucalyptus Essential Oils to suit your preference. Over time, treat yourself to a special sensual experience by trying and comparing the qualities of each. There are slight variations in odor, color, and the levels of constituents within each oil. However, the oils are similar and can be used in place of one another.

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