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Welcome to The Aromatherapy Place, home of “Everyday Aromatherapy!”

The Aromatherapy Place is one of the first Essential Oil e-commerce websites in the United States. We owe a great deal to John Fergeus & Dianne Lynn of Australian Botanical Products for providing us with the highest quality Essential Oils available in the world marketplace. www.auroma.com first appeared on-line in 2001. The site you are visiting today is an enhanced version of our earlier efforts. What has not changed is our expressed intent to provide natural product enthusiasts and like-minded entrepreneurial businesspeople with an Essential Oil centric e-commerce resource.

Our Essential Oil assortment is represented by an Image of the plant. We invite you to browse these plant Images. I suggest you start with “Essential Oils & Absolutes:”

  • Select your favorite Essential Oil.
  • Read the profile.
  • Learn about the source of the oil?
  • Where is it grown?
  • What does it smell like?
  • How is it used in aromatherapy?

We are not a Multi-Level Marketing website with exaggerated pricing and false claims.
It is our pleasure to share the quality and value of the AUROMA brand. "

Renee and Kevin