Rose Damascena Absolute


Botanical Name: Rosa damascena
Geographic Origin: Bulgaria
Method of Farming: 100% Pure – Conventional
Method of Extraction: Solvent Extraction
Part of Plant: Leaves and Flowers


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“…to simply smell it will refine our sensitivity, take us into an unknown world and disperse the shadows of our worries, anxieties and sorrows. It shows us love, not only human love, but spiritual love…” (Mailhebiau P. Portraits in oils. The C.W. Daniel Company Limited, Great Britain, 1995.) – Order in the “Books” Category today!

The rosa species are small, thorny shrubs which grow to about 7 ft in height. Two types of oils are obtained from roses: an essential oil and an absolute. The essential oil is abstracted via steam distillation of the flowers of the plant, while the absolute is abstracted via solvent extraction of the leaves and flowers. Rose Damascena Absolute oil is orangish to brownish yellow. It has a rich, warm, spicy-floral, and very deep rose aroma with a distinct hint of honey. R. damascena is commonly known as Bulgarian Rose.

Pure, natural, highly concentrated Absolutes are produced from delicate flower petals by very careful and gentle low temperature extraction procedures. Due to the minute amounts of oil present, this method is the only practical method of production. The intense labor involved with picking and processing, as well as very low yields, make absolutes more expensive. 

For those of you who would like to enjoy the exquisite aroma and wonderful properties of AUROMA Rose Absolute at a more affordable price, you can find it right here on-line at The Aromatherapy Place as a 5% dilution in Jojoba. The high cost of this essential oil is largely due to the substantial volume of natural product required in the distillation process.   

The Aromatherapy Place offers a variety of AUROMA Rose Essential Oils & Absolutes to suit your preference. Over time, treat yourself to a special sensual experience by trying and comparing the qualities of each. There are slight variations in odor, color, and the levels of constituents within each oil. However, the oils are similar and can be used in place of one another. Forgive me but take a moment & “Stop and Smell the Roses…” Visit each of our AUROMA Rose oils available on this site.

FACT: In ancient times the rose flower symbolized beauty, love, perfection, and immortality. I would suggest that it still does today!

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