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As the saying goes, “Oil and Water do not mix.” No matter how well you shake, stir, or blend a water-based preparation, you will find the oils will “fall-out” or separate from the base. Solubilizer can be used to help carry oils into a water-based product.

Naturally derived from Almond and Coconut oils, AUROMA Solubilizer is like a soap, however, it has a neutral ph. It is colorless and odorless. All oils have different solubility levels. You will need to test the quantities of Solubilizer required for each essential oil, or each blend of oils. In small proportions for Solubilizer to oil, you may create an emulsion of oil in water, this will appear cloudy, and subsequently make your blends or waters appear cloudy. In larger proportions ie. 3-5 times Solubilizer to oil, you may create a clear solution. So, the oils work at different minimum proportions, some may not work at all, it is best to test first whether the Solubilizer will work in your application.

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Mix essential oil and Solubilizer together using 3-5 times the amount of Solubilizer to oil. Make sure oil is thoroughly mixed, add this mixture to the water phase with stirring. A clear solution should result. If not, try again with more Solubilizer or add alcohol (if compatible with your formulation) to the Solubilizer. Propylene Glycol or Glycerin may also help.


Solution in water may foam but will quickly settle.


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eyes and mouth. For external use only. Store below 86°F and away from direct sunlight.