Thyme Red Essential Oil


Botanical Name: Thymus vulgaris
Geographic Origin: Spain
Method of Farming: 100% Pure Conventional
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Part of Plant: Leaves


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“…thyme has the effect of closing down the psychic mind in favor of the conscious intellectual mind. This may be particularly beneficial for people who tend to be dreamy, detached or immersed in their spiritual life  to the detriment Of their physical wellbeing.” (Cunningham S. Magical aromatherapy. Llewellyn Publications Inc., USA, 1989)

Thymus vulgaris is one of the most recognizable herbs in the garden. It features small tightly packed aromatic leaves stemming from a woody evergreen bush. It bears flowers in purple or white. The garden thyme is an improved variation of the Wild Thyme. It may be companion planted along with Lavender – as they both favor the same conditions and complement each other in the garden.  Also known as Common Thyme, French Thyme, and Garden Thyme. Thyme Red contains principal components of phenol. Thyme Essential Oil is steam or water distilled from the dried leaves and flowering tops of the plant. The color of the oil is brownish to orangish red. Thyme Oil has a powerful, warm, woody, spicy, herb-like aroma. 

FACT: The word thyme is from the Greek word thumus, meaning courage – as the plant historically was associate with bravery. Roman soldiers bathed in bath infused with the herb before entering battle, and in the Middle Ages sprigs of thyme were woven int scarves of knights, departing for war.

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AUROMA Essential Oils are the highest quality essential oils available in the world today. Each oil is from an individual farmer and from a particular year’s harvest. As AUROMA knows each of the Farmers, they guarantee the authenticity of each oil. Just to be certain, they analyze each oil using the latest state-of-the-art GC-MS technology, which can detect impurities to one part per billion. Yes! AUROMA represents the best there is in Essential Oils. We can supply the following documentation: Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

To meet the stringent demands of the professional aromatherapist, AUROMA has drafted the following seven requirements that an essential oil needs to meet so it can be used with confidence:

  1. BIO-TYPE: Not only does an oil have to come from a defined botanical species, but from a particular genetic strain.
  2. CHEMO-TYPE: The same botanical species can often produce completely different constituents.
  3. GEO-TYPE: Oils from a particular area are often of superior quality. Examples are Rose Oil Bulgarian or Sandalwood East Indian.
  4. COMPLETE OR WHOLE: The oil should come from a single distillation and should not be rectified.
  5. WILD OR ORGANIC: Where possible, AUROMA always selects the wild growing plants for distillation. When wild types are not available, AUROMA commissions farmers who do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Certified Organic options are available.EX STILL: AUROMA distills small lots of ils in-house and advises farmers on distillation methods.
  6. ANALYYSIS: Oils are tested by AUROMA in Australia with the most advanced state-of- the-art equipment in the world.


  • Just to smell: You can enjoy the aromatherapy of your favorite Essential oil or Blend without even taking it out of the bottle. Keep a bottle in your purse or your car. Simply open-up and smell. This can be particularly helpful during times of stress.
  • In a Diffuser: Add Thyme Essential Oil to your mid-day diffuser blend to get your wheels turning. Thyme oil has a stimulating aroma. It will promote a sense of alertness. 
  • In Meditation 
  • As a Room Spray: Bring the Outdoors Indoors. Fill a 4-fluid ounce glass mist spray bottle with water and add your Essential Oil or Blend. Tighten the cap, shake well before using and spray the mist into the air. As the air freshener ages, the sent improves and becomes stronger. Spray around your home, your office, your clothes, your clothes, your pets, etc.
  • In Skin Care: Try cleaning your skin with Thyme Essential Oil. It can have a cleansing and purifying effect on skin. To purify and promote healthy-looking skin, dilute one to two drops of Thyme essential oil with Jojoba Oil and apply the solution to targeted areas on the skin. See “Cautions.”
  • In Facial Care: Combine Thyme Oil with coconut oil. Gently massage the mixture onto your skin, then kick back and relax.
  • As a Massage Oil: When applying essential oils or blends on the skin, a carrier oil should always be added to the mix to protect the skin from being irritated. For best results, all massage formulas should be massaged for at least 30 minutes. See “Cautions.”
  • As an Insect repellent: Thyme Essential Oil contains chemical properties that naturally repel insects. Place a couple of drops of Thyme oil on a cotton ball and put it in corners where insects hide. When gardening, place Thyme essential oil, diluted with Coconut Oil, on your wrists and neck to keep the insects away.


Bergamot, Lemon, Rosemary, Melissa, Lavender, Lavandin, Marjoram, Peru Balsam and Pine.

Whenever you use Essential Oils or 100% pure Essential Oil Blends on the skin, they should be diluted in a vegetable oil. However, always check for skin sensitivity before applying the finished product to the body. See “Cautions” below.

Suggested Dilution Rates follow:

  • 10ml Base Product: A 1% dilution requires a total of 2 drops essential oil, or a pure blend, 2%=4 drops, 2.5%=5 drops
  • 50ml Base Product: A 1% dilution requires a total of 10 drops essential oil, or a pure blend, 2%=20 drops, 2.5%=25 drops
  • 100ml Base Product: A 1% dilution requires a total of 20 drops (1ml) essential oil, or a pure blend, 2%=40 drops (2ml), 2.5% 50=drops (2.5ml)
  • 1Ltr Base Product: A 1% dilution requires a total of 200 drops (10ml) essential oil, or a pure blend, 2%=400 drops (20ml), 2.5%=500 drops (

Please ensure that the total number of drops does not exceed the dilution ratio. For example: 2.5% dilution = 1 drip Geranium, 2 drops Palmarosa & 2 drops Mandarin diluted in 10ml Jojoba Oil. Total drops = 5


Thyme is non-toxic. It is a moderate skin irritant which does not cause skin sensitization or phototoxicity. (Tisserand R, Bolacs T, Essential oil safety. Churchill Livingston, UK)

The Aromatherapy Place does not recommend ingesting essential oils unless a specific dosage instruction is given to a consumer by a qualified medical practitioner. 

Do not apply directly to skin. May case skin irritation in some individuals.  Always dilute with a carrier oil. A skin test is recommended prior to use on the skin.

Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. 

Please check with a professional for safe essential oils to use with children or the elderly. Do not use essential oils on a child younger than two years without professional advice.


We recommended that Essential Oils or 100% pure and natural Blends be stored in amber or cobalt blue glass containers to maintain freshness and attain maximum shelf life. Keep away from excessive heat and light. A bathroom, bedroom or kitchen cabinet should be a good storage location.