Thyme Red Essential Oil


Botanical Name: Thymus vulgaris
Geographic Origin: Spain
Method of Farming: 100% Pure Conventional
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Part of Plant: Leaves


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“…thyme has the effect of closing down the psychic mind in favor of the conscious intellectual mind. This may be particularly beneficial for people who tend to be dreamy, detached or immersed in their spiritual life  to the detriment Of their physical wellbeing.” (Cunningham S. Magical aromatherapy. Llewellyn Publications Inc., USA, 1989)

Thymus vulgaris is one of the most recognizable herbs in the garden. It features small tightly packed aromatic leaves stemming from a woody evergreen bush. It bears flowers in purple or white. The garden thyme is an improved variation of the Wild Thyme. It may be companion planted along with Lavender – as they both favor the same conditions and complement each other in the garden.  Also known as Common Thyme, French Thyme, and Garden Thyme. Thyme Red contains principal components of phenol. Thyme Essential Oil is steam or water distilled from the dried leaves and flowering tops of the plant. The color of the oil is brownish to orangish red. Thyme Oil has a powerful, warm, woody, spicy, herb-like aroma. 

FACT: The word thyme is from the Greek word thumus, meaning courage – as the plant historically was associate with bravery. Roman soldiers bathed in bath infused with the herb before entering battle, and in the Middle Ages sprigs of thyme were woven int scarves of knights, departing for war.

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