Rock Rose (Cistus) Essential Oil


Botanical Name: Cistus ladaniferus
Geographic Origin: Spain
Method of Farming: 100% Pure – Conventional
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Part of Plant: Leaves 


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The slender leaves of the perennial shrub Cistus are covered with secretory trichomes that exude a fragrant gum resin. During the months of April to June, the short-lived flowers begin to bloom for only a single day. The young leafy twigs of C. ladaniferus are then hand-harvested. After harvesting they are left to regrow and regenerate for the following year. The collected fresh young branches with leaves are then steam distilled to produce the essential oil. Rock Rose Essential Oil is pale orange in color and has a rich, sweet, herb-like, balsamic scent. It is also known as Cistus. 

BIBLICAL OIL:  At the time of Christ, an incense was made using Frankincense and myrrh from Arabia, Galbanum and onycha. Onycha has been identified as gum labdanum, which is exuded from the leaves of Cistus (Rock Rose).

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